East Meets West Acupuncture

If you are one of the many patients frustrated with the usual 5 minute doctor’s visit followed by a script for yet another pill, maybe it’s time for a different approach. At East Meets West Acupuncture your health and well-being is our only priority. April’s experience and knowledge in both eastern and western medicine brings a rare point of view, one that is finely tuned to helping you find unique solutions to your challenging health issues.

April Kay has studied Traditional Chinese Acupuncture for a period of five years in both China and the United States. She attended the Tianjin College of Traditional Chinese Medicine where she studied in two Chinese hospitals in which acupuncture and herbal medicine where the sole treatment modalities. She is also a graduate of Eastern School of Acupuncture in Montclair NJ where she had the unique opportunity to learn both Japanese and Chinese acupuncture styles.

She also brings a wealth of western medical knowledge to her practice. She is a nurse practitioner with a master’s degree from Temple University and has 25 years of nursing experience. She has respect for both the eastern and western modalities of treating illness and believes that both have important contributions in promoting wellness. She blends both cultural styles of healing to bring the greatest benefit to her clients.

Her acupuncture style is focused in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is based in the ancient Chinese texts. Her ability to diagnose health conditions from both an eastern and western perspective makes her a unique acupuncturist within her community.

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